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New Features: Hosted Buttons, Messages & More

Friday, June 18, 2021 (20 days ago)

Mark Jackson


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I hope you're having a great summer and the weather is nice and warm! 🌞

A handful of updates to Clappy Button are now live 🚀

Hosted Buttons

Before, the only way to use Clappy Button was to embed it on your website.

Now, you now have a hosted version at your disposal.

Customize your page with a theme, message, and link back to your website (optional):

Customize your clappy page

With these options my page looks like this:

Clap page example

Clap With a Message

Before, clapping was simply sending a tip.

Now, you can include a personal message to the owner of the button:

Clap page example

You can view received messages from the Dashboard. In a future update we'll also deliver unread messages to the user via a weekly e-mail.

UI Improvements

Moving around the app is now much simpler (& more colorful 🌈). I don't consider myself a user interface expert by any means so any feedback in this area is welcome.

New menu preview

That's all, folks

I hope you enjoy the new features! Clappy Button is still in (public) alpha so please play around with it and let me know if you encounter any issues.

Thank you!

-- remjx

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